Seattle Food Allergy ConsortiumSeattle Food Allergy Consortium

Seattle Food Allergy Consortium

University of Washington Allergy Division, Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute/Center for Immunities and Immunotherapries, Virginia Mason Medical Center/ Benaroya Research Institute and ASTHMA Inc Clinical Research Center/ Northwest Asthma &Allergy Center have joined forces to form the Seattle Food Allergy Consortium:

SeaFAC vision:   To bring together clinical expertise in food allergy, basic science research capabilities and community participation within Seattle and the Northwest region to support finding a cure for food allergy.

Clinical Allergy Component:  Our goal is to establish a food allergy oral food challenge clinic and participate in food allergy desensitization clinical research trials.  There will be regular meetings of area allergy specialists to discuss new ideas for food allergy interventions and research.

Basic Science Research and Education Component:  Our goal is to support basic science research to look at the immune mechanisms underlying the development of food allergy in an effort to find novel therapies and interventions.  Basic science researchers will meet regularly along with SeaFAC executive members to facilitate these projects and will work together in securing NIH and other funding for research projects.  We plan to support food allergy research in the University of Washington Allergy Fellowship Training Program.

Community Participation Component:  Our goal is to engage the food allergy community in our efforts to help raise money to support these initiatives.  We hope also to build database of food allergic individuals who may be willing to help advance food allergy therapies by participating in scientific studies and therapy trials.  The executive committee will meet regularly with community members to give updates on current projects.

Immediate SeaFAC funding goals are:

  1. To establish a food allergy oral challenge clinic in Seattle in order to help facilitate future participation in funded (government, industry and other) food allergy desensitization studies.
  2. To support current basic science research in food allergy within the consortium partners.
  3. To financially support food allergy research as a part of the University of Washington’s Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Training Program. 

Long-term SeaFAC funding goals:

  1. To set up an endowed Chair position at the University of Washington in conjunction with the other SeaFAC partners and to recruit to this position an established research scientist with a track record in food allergy research.  This individual would provide a focus for cooperative research in food allergy and work with clinicians in a translational partnership to bring new testing and therapies to persons with food allergy.
  2. To set up an endowed two-year food allergy research position in the University of Washington Fellowship Training Program.